5 minutes squid

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5 minutes squid


Squid, 300 g ( 10 + 1/2 oz )

Garlic, 2 cloves

Parsley, a bunch

Olive oil, a drizzle

Materials and Methods


This is what I do when I’m in a need of a simple dish1.

The order is as follow: Cut the squid, cut the garlic, mix both. Finely cut the parsley (you will not have time later). Heat the pan on infernal heat, add the squid and garlic, salt to taste. 3 minutes. turn of heat add parsley and serve instantly.

Optional add some olive oil to the pan, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Results are great anyway.

Nothing more, nothing less.

1and have great fresh squid available.

Dealing with garlic

Ever culture that loves garlic deals with it in a different way. Which is nice! Garlic and ginger for a lot of the Asia; garlic and onions of the refogado for Brazil; garlic, onion and tomato for Italy and a lot of the Mediterranean.

I’m using garlic and parsley of Provencal inspiration. Mind you it is a combo. I’m not garnishing with parsley. Although I am not cooking it, I am using it as an ingredient.

They pair together so well that sometimes I even have second thoughts about the lime that I squeeze over it when serving.

Have the parsley cleaned, dried and chopped, ready to be added to the last second of pan frying.

The 3 minutes rule

Food with high levels of protein in general; Shrimp, Squid and Octopus(SSO) in specific have 2 levels of tenderness.

The first level is obtained in the first few minutes of cooking (3 to 5 for SSO) then they get though and will relax again only after a long time. For SSO about 20 minutes of cooking. I’m a big fan of the first level and not so much of the second for SSO.

Because the Chinese use immense heat they are able to do this even with beef. They slice it thin and wok it under a jet turbine for 5 minutes the meat gets well done but is amazingly tender.

So pan frying should be hot and fast. No more than 3 minutes for our squid. If your stove cannot release enough heat to instantly reduce the liquid that squid releases, fear not, just cook the squid for 3 minutes remove the squid to the temporary dish and continue cooking the leftover liquid until it is syrupy. Return the squid to the pan, toss it and serve with the newly created sauce.

Side Dishes

Side dishes? Where we’re going, we don’t need side dishes. I just get a nice French baguette and have fun.


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